Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow. Seriously?

We had a fun weekend with the kids and Wife's family. Big birthday celebration, including miniature golf for the kids, cake, ice cream and presents. Everything a kid could want! What we got that we were not bargaining for was snow! The crazy weather we'd been having continued and in the middle of what we thought would be a rainy drive to the beginning of our festivities, it started snowing! Actually, we drove into the snow, where it had piled up to a good 2-3" and cars had started sliding off the road, and then we were out of it again, about 10-15 miles and 40 minutes later. Times like that, it is good to have car insurance, but all the insurance in the world doesn't make you any less afraid of your children being hurt in an accident. Wife and I both hate driving in snowy/icy conditions. We are very happy to be safely warm inside a house where we can go out, play with the kids, then come back inside for some hot chocolate! Thank God all turned out fine, and we are safely home where we belong again. Isn't it Spring, yet?


Lynilu said...

The calendar may say it is spring, but don't believe it until you see robins AND garage sales!!!

Dee said...

When I hear stories like this I just look outside and say thank God. I do visit snowy places though and enjoy it but only for a day or 2.