Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break is Here!

Last night was technically my second night without classes, but the first night was classless due to our prof. being sick, so I stayed at work and studied. Yesterday I left work early, was home by 4:00, and we all went out to the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate us all being together for dinner/bedtime for the next week!

I admit that I have been a bit jealous of hearing all the fun places that some of the other students are going over the break - Kauai, Italy, camping in a friend's mountain cabin, skiing for a week.....We will be taking a couple days to visit Wife's family and do a joint birthday party for our kids and one of their cousins. We won't exactly be staying in a Las Vegas hotel, or any hotel at all, much to our kids disappointment (they love hotels - especially the mini-stores and the pools), but it will still be a little getaway. We won't feel compelled to do chores - that's something! A week without classes - what a nice break for us all!

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Clouded Grace said...

i hope you and your family have a wonderful break! :)