Friday, March 14, 2008

The Draw of New Technology

Does anyone else ever feel the push/pull of new technology? I am not a techno geek, and have never felt the need for the latest gadget. It's not that I'm against them, just have no need to spend money on the latest and greatest gadgets. Still, once I get on board with something, I often think it is pretty cool - cell phones, DVRs, laptop computers. We've not jumped on the GPS train, yet, nor do either of us have a Blackberry, or similar device. I just today found out that an unlocked phone means a cell phone that is not locked to one particular provider so sim cards and plans can be switched around. Hey - I know how to text someone using my cell phone, isn't that enough?

I am really attracted to the new MacBook Air, which is a really thin laptop computer. I remember about 15-20 years ago being at a workshop where there was a speaker from Microsoft. She mentioned that someday we'd have computers as thin as a pad of paper. Seems that day is here. (I think she was actually talking more about the notepad that we'd write on....and that technology is here, too....but I've not seen the two combined, yet.) If I had two years left of school, I think this MacBook Air would be enough to get me to convert to a Mac, but who knows how much I will need a laptop once I am out of school? Guess there will always be good reasons for a nice laptop....Well, I'll give them a few years to work out the kinks and see if the price comes down!

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