Friday, March 14, 2008

General Announcement to those with Dogs

I can't believe that adults really need to be told this, but c'mon people! If your dog is out walking/strolling/running/jogging/exploring/meandering or in any way being outside of his own yard and "relieves himself" in a manner others could later see, or step in, pick it up! You are the owner/mom/dad and it is not OK to let your dog use other people's property as his personal toilet and just leave it. Take a bag and pick it up!

No, I did not step in anything (thank goodness), but yesterday on the way from my car to the building where I work, there were two piles to be avoided and at home, someone has been letting their dog use our front yard and not cleaning up after him. SO NOT OK.

Sometimes I'd like to make a trap out of CAT5e cable - when the dog's person steps into the circle/trap he would be jerked off of his feet, hung by his legs from the nearest tree and a sign would be posted on him: I did not clean up after my dog. Bet he would get no sympathy.

1 comment:

Casey said...

Damn. You have an evil streak. :)