Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Loves people, but not in our house

OK, so Maddie is showing one sign of being a bit off. At the park, in the vet's office, on the street she is very friendly with people and animals. At our home, she seems skittish around people that come to visit. My Mom let herself in yesterday and Maddie went crazy barking at her, then quieted when she realized I was OK with the stranger, but then didn't really warm up. (Same thing happened again today, though today, Wife let her in.) Maddie was not aggressive, just didn't want to come too close. She did a quick "lick by"...coming just close enough to lick my mom's hand then ran off again. It seems strange for such a friendly, outgoing dog. I suspect it has something do to with insecurity about her new home and maybe suspecting she could be taken away from us....which is kind of like what just happened to her when we got her. The rescue shelter folks took her away from the family giving her up, and brought her to us.

We are wondering if for a while we should meet people with her outside first, then all come in together? Seems weird to have to go to a separate piece of real estate to do introductions, but would be worth it, if it helps. We figure, eventually she will learn that people come and go and all ends up fine. Has anyone else had a similar experience or any insight into this issue?


Lynilu said...

It's probably something like she feels "closed in" and can't escape. Perhaps she received rough treatment inside a house (or building) and outside is safer to her? And yes, simple adjustment. She accepts your family because you were there from the beginning; others are seen as intruders. I donno, just speculatin'!! At any rate, she is a beauty!

Mimi said...

Our dog a min schnuzer we have had for 6 years got her at 8 wks....does the same thing STILL....if you were to walk in my house (she doesn't know you) she'll bark as she's RUNNING down the hall to her bed...then she will come out in 10-15 minutes and come by me while she is grawing then after a while when she see's I am ok with you she'll be happy....I always say I'll know if someone is coming to get me but she won't save me....hang in there...Maddies looks sooo cute

Dakota said...

Lynilu and Mimi - thanks for your thoughts. Yes, she is a cutie. The pictures do not do her justice at all. She's adorable, but not particularly photogenic. You should see how many really bad pictures of her we have! At least we got a few reasonably good ones.