Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Contemplating the Internet

Today I invite you to think about the internet for a moment. Maybe more than a moment. Think about how it has affected your daily life. Sure, we casually talk about how it has connected the world and changed the face of business and blah, blah, blah catch phrases. Really, though, how cool is it to have a computer in your kitchen, or living room, or bedroom where you can access information about pretty much anything within seconds?

I was thinking today of how much I use the internet for personal tasks. These are things I quickly thought of that I had done within the past month - look for a dog to adopt, search for recipes, find the correct spelling of a word, find the meaning of a legal term, see what time a movie is showing at the local theatre, search for and compare anniversary gift items, pay a credit card bill, see previews for The L Word, and keep up on people's blogs that I never would have known were it not for the internet.

I am also intrigued by all the interesting business ideas people have implemented over the internet. It ranges from selling ebooks on pretty much any topic, to giving advice about being successful and happy, to selling handmade soaps and jewelry, to providing ideas about children's birthday parties. The place everyone starts, whether just wanting to blog or doing a full business is with a web host. I ran across a web site this morning that had done a recent review of low cost web hosting services:
This looks like useful info, and there is also information about other Wordpress themes, for those familiar with Wordpress as a blogging tool. I can't verify the reviews, but I bet the hosts mentioned would be worth checking out. It is easy to get reviews on a host by doing a search on the host name and "reviews."

OK - I think my tangent on the internet is about over. I need to go order dinner on the web!!

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Patti said...

I would be lost without any internet ... I use it to look up stuff from trivia to people to phone numbers etc.