Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mourning the loss of stationary stores

Does anyone remember J.K. Gills? They were a stationary store. They were often in malls and carried great stuff - paper, cards, office supplies of all kinds, and best of all, pens! I know, I just posted about pens, but that made me think about how much I used to love to go in and look at/test all the cool pens at J.K. Gills. Where can you go now to do that? Places like Office Max, I suppose, but I don't think they carry that great of a selection and they don't have ones you can test. I wonder where a person can get the best buy on pens you can actually test before you buy. Most stores will not be very happy if you start breaking open packages and sampling the merchandise. How else are you supposed to know if the pen feels right in your hand, and if it writes smoothly with just the correct line thickness?

Exactly my point.


Casey said...

That was my FAVORITE store in the mall! Not only cards and stationary and pens but gifty things and books, too! Loved it and still miss it.

Dakota said...

Ah, see, we were compatible even before we knew each other :)

Casey said...

:) "No doubt, no fear." :)