Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thoughts of spring cleaning

Now that the outside of the house looks so nice (see Wife's blog for before and after new siding pictures), I have a feeling we'll be tackling the inside next. Wife already blogged about doing some painting....I mean, the desire to do some, that's not right either......the desire to have some of the walls painted. No one really enjoys painting walls, do they? (Kids do not count here!)

I am thinking the garage needs serious attention (as usual). We have so much stuff out there: kid toys that sometimes get rotated into the house, camping gear, bikes, an old couch, books, winter coats, tools, CAT6 cable, misc. furniture, lawn mower...the list goes on and on and on.... We probably need two things: a serious consideration of what we really need to keep, and some nice shelves with doors. Oh - and time away from the kids to tackle this project! Maybe this summer?

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Patti said...

Stacy keeps saying we need to tackle the attic and storage building and I keep right on ignoring him LOL