Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The L Word - Season Finale

Say it isn't so! How can there possibly only be one more episode left of Season 5 of The L Word? Darn Showtime for its short seasons - only 12 or 13 episodes - and then the next show starts - maybe Tudors or Weeds. (Weeds is kind of fun, too.)

It has been a really good season! There was an interesting story about the military's don't ask - don't tell policy; Jenny went into full crazy villain mode - and mostly out again; the Bette and Tina storyline - I won't ruin it for folks who may be waiting to rent the series - but it has been excellent; and there were lots of group scenes of the characters just hanging out together, partying, being friends, which, other than the sex, is really what we all love about the show.

Speaking of sex, the writers really spiced things up a lot - tons of fairly graphic sex scenes - occasionally Wife and I felt like we were watching porn. It is all tastefully done, nothing inappropriate is actually shown (I am sure there are those that would disagree)and serves the storyline - still - wow - those could not have been comfortable scenes to film. (They are certainly not ones we want left on the DVR for the kids to find!)

I have heard sex scenes are so incredibly awkward to do - just imagine it - you have to be naked, acting like you are involved in a very intimate act while the director, assistant director, lighting, camera and sound crews are focused on making sure every angle looks just right. Crazy! I saw an interview with Ilene Chaiken, Producer of The L Word, where she discusses how Cybil Sheppard and her daughter, who is on the show, deal with sex scenes. There was one scene in particular that neither was comfortable with - the mom (Cybil) walks in on her daughter having sex with Shane. I can't blame them - even if it is "fake sex," she's naked, in bed with a woman. They decided to film it in such a way that mother and daughter were not actually in the room at the same time. Odd the way TV and movies can work that way, isn't it?

Where was I going with all of this? Ah, yes, sad to see the end of the Season. Thank you Ilene, cast and crew for another 12 weeks of seeing OUR life represented on TV. (You know, our life minus law school, the kids, the cats, the dogs, and plus a lot of money....!)

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Patti said...

I need to find a show that perks my interest again. I'm such a bookworm *sigh*
A sex scene would be VERY awkward I would think (but oh so enjoyable to watch) !!!