Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Boldly going where no dog has gone before

Wife: You are not going to believe what your son did with your dog.
(Note - two "yours" in one sentence. This probably is not going to be good.)

Me: Uh oh, what?

Wife: You know the platform where the slide connects with the play structure?

Me: Yes. (Picturing the play structure/swing set I build in the freezing rain about a year ago.)

Wife: Your son got the dog up there with him. She jumped up and down off of it - twice.

Me: Wow. (That is about 4 1/2 feet off the ground. Maddie is very athletic.)

Wife: I told him not to do it again so she doesn't hurt her legs.

Me: Good idea. (Mental note: find something athletic to show Boy Wonder to do with Maddie that is unlikely to result in a broken leg on anyone.)

A new advernture every day!


Mimi said...

Aren't boys something....they'll try anything once and if it was FUN goood god look out they'll do it again......

Patti said...

Oh yeah, when they are specifically "yours" definitely red flag! LOL

Lynilu said...

Boys & Dogs!! No better combination in the world!!!

Well, assuming you are looking for excitement!!