Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Office Move - A Glimpse Into My Work Life

Since last week sometime, I have been moving into a new work space at my real job. (As opposed to my internship, which is now over. Great experience!) Yesterday was the official move day when my computer was moved, and this morning, I got my phone, but last Friday I moved all my files and personal belongings. Just thought I would share them for fun.

Yes, technically it is a cube, but it is a good size, I have a window, and lots of privacy. Best cube on the floor - maybe in the whole building. Not bad!


Lynilu said...

It's a nice space, cube or not! The only thing is ... I absolutely hate how organized it is! WHYYYYYYY can't I do that?? Anywhere!!!


Thanks for sharing!

Audra said...

I agree with lynilu! What a great space! Much better than mine!

Dee said...

It's always nice to find a space that you can be comfortable in. And a window to boot. Nice.

Patti said...

Honey there a companies where the top dog works out of a cube. No shame in that at all!
Cubes rule. Yours looks great. I love those family pics!

MMC said...

Couldn't read this post without being reminded of this. So here's some decorating ideas for your beautiful new cube. Have fun!