Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fungus and Blogging

This morning I saw something that I wanted to share with Boy Wonder. It is this really beautiful fungus growing on a branch by where I park every day. The picture did not turn out very good (camera phone), but I thought if I emailed it to myself, I could post it here if the details are better on a larger screen. Wife can show him. Then I thought, besides, I'd like to share it with all of you. This is one little thing I notice and appreciate almost every day. The wonders of nature! (Wish the photo came close to doing it justice.)

This picture of fungus gets me to my real point. Mieke, another law school mom friend recently posted about the purposes and ramifications of blogging. I won't try to reiterate what she said, or the many eloquent comments she has received, but I will say this topic has come up for me a couple times.

My style of blogging here is very random - sometimes school stuff, sometimes family, sometimes odd things that jump into my head - like posting a picture of fungus. I do it to share with friends who keep up on my life through my blog. I do it to connect with others in similar situations - moms or others in law school, lesbians, moms in general....whoever is reading and somehow connects with my writing. I sometimes write to process things . I sometimes write for money. I rarely write to be eloquent or provocative or funny. Why not? Maybe I should. Someday a future employer may read through this and judge me based on what is here. (My full name is not posted all over this particular blog, but it wouldn't be hard to make the connection.) I figure: so be it. I don't post anything I would be ashamed of here, and don't consider this a sample of my legal writing abilities. What you get here is me.

I don't have a lot of time to write well-constructed arguments or fancy pieces of prose. When I write, I am simply communicating as me - what you see is what you get. As Mieke and her readers point out though, it is not ALL of me. Are there things I don't share? Sure. Could I share some more deeply provocative thoughts? Sure. Frankly though, I want this to be easy. Those who are interested in intellectual discourse can find plenty of places for that. Those interested in checking in on my life - here I am!


Lynilu said...

I love pictures of things such as that, nature at it's best. The shapes of nature fascinate me.

Wait a minute! You said you write for "...moms or others in law school, lesbians, moms in general..." What? you don't write for old, grey haired women like me??? Harumph. ;) Oh, OK, I have control of my brain and my typing fingers again. LOL! I think your random style of writing is exactly what I enjoy about coming here. It's more like hearing your thoughts than reading something planned, "boxed," if you will.

Keep doing what you're doing(as if you would do otherwise!!!), and I'll keep stopping by, even though I'm not ... sniffle ... your target audience.


Dakota said...

Lynilu - "Open to my ramblings" sounds like exactly my target audience!

Whenever I post a picture of nature, you can know that I had you in mind when I did it!