Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer! Summer! Summer!

I am so ready for the sun! We live in an area that has been unseasonably cold and dreary....OK, so it is dreary quite a bit, but by now it is usually getting warmer and I am so ready! As you may have seen on Wife's blog, we bought new patio furniture and it will be so nice to be out of school for the summer and able to enjoy it every evening with my family! If it is at all like last year, we will eat dinner outside quite a lot, and when the kids are done eating, we will let them go play in the yard while Wife and I finish our more leisurely dinner. The new cushioned seats will be very comfy for us to sit and watch their antics :) I can't wait! I think my head has mostly already been on summer vacation since the end of spring break!

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Patti said...

We have new patio furniture also and one of those mesh tent things so the bugs don't bother us. I foresee lots of eating outside too! Yay for summer!