Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keep Your Wedding Photos Proudly Displayed

Family photos are really the only art on our walls. What could be more beautiful in our home than our kids, right? There are even a few of us as a couple, and ones of the whole family. We have a variety of sizes and quality of photos. A few have custom picture framing, such as one that displays the front and the back of our wedding invitation, with a wedding picture in the middle of the two pieces. It is really nice. We always keep in mind a study Wife read early in our marriage about couples who display their wedding photos having a better chance of staying together than those who do not. I believe the theory is that when you are going through the rough times, photos will remind you of how much you loved your spouse in the beginning and that the person you married still exists underneath whatever problems are currently on the surface. Seems to be working for us!

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Patti said...

I have a wedding photo on my desk but I really need to get one blown up and framed for the house as well.