Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Little Doggie Fun

Just thought it would be fun to show how Maddie is getting along. As you can see, she has become buddies with the other animals, and is convinced that the couch is hers. She shares well, though.

Truthfully, one cat still wants her to spontaneously disappear from the face of the earth, though even she has her moments when she will allow me to pet both her and Maddie while not growling. Even better, once this past weekend, she walked past the dog as if she did not exist! If she would take that on as a life philosophy, our household would be a much more peaceful place. Unfortunately, as it now stands, if the cat senses the dog might be anywhere near, she growls, this has the effect of calling the dog to her, so she growls again. Not recognizing this odd sound is coming from the cat he's known his whole life but who never made the sound prior to Maddie's arrive, Jordan (the dalmatian) barks. Well, if Jordan is barking, there must be something interesting happening, so Maddie must bark, too. It is quite the three-ring circus! Poor Wife.

Here's another. Yes, the dog is up in the play structure, a good 4.5 feet off of the ground, with Boy Wonder. He simply called her up, and BOOM, there she was. She is very athletic :) We told him not to do that anymore since she could hurt her legs jumping back down (or even jumping up). It had already happened twice before we knew of the excitement. Maybe she could use the slide? How happy does that boy look? There is something incredibly adorable about a boy and his dog.

OK - enough procrastination. I have to go study Ocean and Water Law. Final tonight!


Patti said...

I REALLY think it would be easy-peasy to teach Maddie how to go down the slide! She seems SO smart! Wouldn't Kelton be so tickled at that?!

Anonymous said...

Cool "furbabies", I read you and your wife often but am slack about commenting and don't have a blog yet, anyway I so love that photo, well both, kids and thier pets make the best photos!!! Our kids are grown, but our daughter who is in college has several photos of her as a young child with her favorite dal all over her apartment!! We have three dogs, thanks to our kids!! We had a dal who is now 8 and then our daughter worked at the pound for service hours and well she fell in love with best "mutt" in the world, and then our son got a beagle pup while in college and has since joined the Navy, so now we have three dogs and as much as I complain I'd be lost without them!!! OK sorry didn't mean to write a novel here!!! Thanks so much for sharing your family with us!!

Dakota said...

Patti - I am thinking of doing some agility training with her...let's see, up the rope ladder and down the slide ? *grin

Marie - Glad you enjoy our adventures. Thanks for stopping by!