Friday, February 15, 2008

What's in a name?

When you are a kid, brand names are confusing. Boy Wonder is starting to read and is very curious about.....well, everything! He reads words on computer games, magazines and books, signs, but especially intriguing are labels. Yesterday, Wife brought the kids to work for Valentine's Day so we could all have lunch together. I picked up sandwiches, pasta and milk on the way from my internship to my "real" job. During lunch, we helped Boy Wonder read his milk label. It said: Baby Moo.

"What's that?"

"A little cow," was wife's reply, and then we got into the brand name discussion that we've had many times. It is confusing because it is not WHAT the product is....uh....except sometimes. Kleenex? Coke? M&Ms? (I could launch into a trademark discussion at this point, but won't.) We've described brands as the company that makes the product. Still, it is sometimes a tricky one. Here's one that got me this week:festool. Sounds like a fun stool, right? Maybe it swivels, or comes in fun colors? Nope. It's a brand of tools. Who knew?

Have a fun weekend, all! Maybe some of you will be riding your John Deere, cruising in your Bayliner or kicking back in your LazyBoy. Enjoy!

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