Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A post simply because I have time

I am feeling SO unproductive today....nothing pressing to do at work, I have taken care of stuff needing my immediate attention, have handled a few personal tasks like making an appointment for an eye exam and providing Wife information about my retirement account (applying for a loan due to the desperate need for new siding on our house), and I find myself totally unmotivated to do anything. Blah.

It is really hard sometimes to be in different locations, having things to do those locations (internship, job, school) but not the things I either want to work on or that actually really need my attention far worse than what is in front of me. For instance, I need to listen to a podcast of a class I missed last week far worse than a project I could do at work that will end up causing more work for someone that I need doing something else for me rather than said project.

Mid-afternoons are hard for me. So sleepy! Fortunately, my Coke is kicking in and I have an early class tonight: Ocean and Coastal Law 4-6. Guess I best run.

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Patti said...

It's kinda sad (although maybe not everyone would think so) when i've been out of work all week long and I come back and have maybe half a days worth of actual work to DO.