Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Randomness: Life, School, Elections

Seems time for a posting sponsored only by My Life. What to blog about today? You know how sometimes you think, "I should blog about that someday," but then you don't remember what "that" was when you actually need a topic? It seems to be one of those days. What does that mean for you, Dear Readers? It means, you get Randomness from My Mind :)

- Read Wife's blog for updates on her medical condition. We are hoping for good news about yesterday's MRI. Good news will not change the diagnosis of the syrinx - a chronic condition that we hope remains status quo and does not get worse. Symptoms are traveling again - a weird reality she will have to adjust to - sometimes it is pain, sometimes numbness, sometimes a flu-like feeling - none of it very much fun, but easier to deal with when it more resembles back pain, which she's lived with for the past 11 years, so it is at least somewhat familiar.

- Grades. What a taboo subject, right? I'd not want to break social conventions and talk too much about them, but I will say where I used to be very consistent in my grades, I am now mixing it up with more variety. Some pretty grades with straight lines in them, some with more rounded curves, some very rounded ones....all much more diverse and aesthetically intriguing. Overall, I am happier than I might have been, but not as happy as I could be.

- The election: Clinton or Obama? I'm happy with both candidates. I go back and forth. Overall, I am leaning towards Clinton. Here is a fun quiz you can do to see how your opinions match with those of the candidates:

My first attempt matched me with three folks out of the running. I switched a few answers for questions I was close on, or didn't really know about, and came out with Hilary as my third choice, below two candidates who are out of the race. (Juding by the chart, Obama was very close, though.)

-Happy thoughts for the day:
The beach, my kids laughing, Disneyland, a beautiful sunset/sunrise, oh - nature, in general - check out the gorgeous pictures on Lynilu's blog today.

- Great news (this blog has been in progress for a while) - MRI is normal! Now THAT is a happy thought!


Patti said...

I am so glad the MRI is normal! I like your "random" posts!

Googie Baba said...

Congratulations on the MRI!

Lynilu said...

Elections ... I said to someone today that it is a good feeling for me to know that regardless of the candidate in the Dem party, I won't feel uncomfortable with who wins. It's been a while on that one. Early on, I was so-so about them both, but they've grown on me. Like you, I found that the quizzes (I took three different ones) matched me closely with Richardson, and I was sad to see him drop out, but understood the logic.

I think it is going to be a good year!