Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Splitting Fiscal Authority

Funny how separation of chores happens in a family, isn't it? Seems like for many things, one person's natural inclinations leads them towards a particular kind of activity, and hopefully, the other person's leads them to different activities and somehow, it all gets done. When I am home (I know, not that often.....but BEFORE law school....and in the summer) I cook and Wife cleans the kitchen after meals. Wife does many of the indoor cleaning chores, and I do the outside work. (I do some indoor cleaning, too, and some laundry, though not nearly my fair share!) Until recently, I had never thought much about the odd way that we've managed splitting our financial duties - she manages the checking accounts, pays the bills, and handles all the day-to-day stuff, while I deal with longer term things like juggling credit cards to get the lowest interest, applying for auto loans and refinancing the mortgage. Neither of us likes dealing with the other's types of activities. I wonder how typical this type of split is - it seems natural that one person would handle all of the financial matters. Maybe we are both too big of control freaks to let it all go?! (Or - just too lazy, busy, whatever to take it all on!)

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Patti said...

We split stuff too although sometimes not so evenly. It all comes out in the end I guess!