Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Baby Conspiracy

Here's something many of you moms out there will be able to relate to. Have you ever noticed that just as your little ones are no longer babies, someone out there in the advertising world senses your weakness and starts sending you baby things? In the past couple months we've received two newborn diapers in the mail (separate mailings), formula, and various advertisements about "our newborn."

Uh...what newborn would that be? Our three-year-old? OR - perhaps I am living an alternate life in which I recently gave birth, or my wife did, or my husband did (hey - I did say an alternate life).

Still, the little baby stuff is always so cute and reminds me of when our kids were all sweet and cuddly and would fall asleep in a little ball in my arms. Today I saw the cutest contraption - it is like a baby hammock, and is supposed to make your baby fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Seems like it might work. It is called amby baby motion bed.

I wonder if they come in adult sizes?


Lynilu said...

LOL! Well,my friend, in that same alternate life, they seem to think I should join the military!! I don't remember which branch, maybe Marines, but I got it a couple months ago!!

Yeah, I'm up for that!! :D

Casey said...

And, ironically, at the same time I am getting samples of Swaddlers and Similac I am also getting mailings for joining AARP. HUH?

Would this be what they call a mid-life crisis? :)

PS..I've heard of those baby beds - I've heard they are great! Maybe we should have another baby just so we could try one out. LOL!!! Have you picked yourself up off the floor yet? You know I am sooooo kidding! Relieving our kids infancy would be great (umm...mostly) but no thanks on another. I have my hands plenty full. :)

Patti said...

I do know what you mean, Stacy would like another baby (preferably a boy) so bad but I had such a hard time with my pregnancy it really would be significant health risk. Little baby things make me sad.