Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mom Moment

I realized in reading back through yesterday's blog explosion that I may have portrayed a much less happy picture of my daughter's birthday than I actually experienced. It was a wonderful day and I had a lot of fun celebrating with her. There are some great pictures on Wife's blog - though none really captured the Little Princess's pure joy (though the cake-eating comes pretty close).

Allow me to adjust my lense a bit and share the really good parts of needing to compartmentalize my life as much as I do. Because I must focus on whatever my schedule says it is time for - it means I don't have to constantly make decisions about what I should be doing. The time of day dictates that for me. Easy! Also, I have become good at absorbing myself in the moment. When I am with my family - I am really with them - blocking the other stuff out of my head (except thoughts of vacations...I always have room for those thoughts). When it is time to study - that's it - I can focus on my work....right up until the point that my eyes close and the book falls out of my hand. No, wait. That doesn't happen :) When it is time to chill and watch tv, I have no guilt about doing that. I move from one fun event or task or duty day by day, giving each item its alloted amount of time, and as much as possible, live in that particular moment. That really is a useful way to live, and allows me to appreciate the small moments. Now THAT is a real benefit.


Patti said...

That is a very very good way to be Dakota! Never feel guilty for "you" time. I have struggled with that one in the past.

Dee said...

Thank you for your submission which has been posted at the April 7, 2008 edition of Carnival of Moms-in-the-Law

babs m said...

I agree! Being in much the same spot as a single parent when I went to law school, we had kid time and then when they went to bed I did my work. I do confess I used to take my schoolwork to the beach with us (we lived in Coral Gables Fla., so it was a mile away)on weekends, and on trips I'd read as well while someone else drove, just to be able to have time at the destination to make the kids' time right. Good luck with your studies!