Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time Management

It's only Tuesday and I'm already having one of those weeks where I am going in about 56 different directions at once! Is this the sort of problem that luxury watches can assist me with, or do I simply need to make some lists and start crossing off the tasks one by one? Yes, probably the latter, but really, a nice watch never hurts anything!

We have new siding going up on our house even as I type. This is both really nice, and not, because it wasn't like we said, "Hey, this is the year for that siding we've been saving up for." No, it was more like, "Oh, Damn, there are mushrooms growing out of the sides of our house, we need to do something quickly!" As a result of the necessity for siding, we've been dealing with financing hassles. Ugh.

Then, there's this little thing called Law School. For some reason that I am thinking of as SPRING FEVER, nothing in my text books seemed to be written in English. I could tell because the words were not making sense as I read them this past weekend. Clearly, they must have been in a different language....one that was giving me subliminal messages about wanting to go outside and play in the sun rather than read. The voice did not exactly win....I stayed inside, but am pretty sure I didn't absorb much of the Public Lands reading that was in the foreign language.

Job - going fine. Internship - going very well. Kids - having a better week than last, and are a constant source of amusement. Wife - will be happy when the siding project is done and we can return to our regularly scheduled life.

Me too.


Patti said...

Dang I wanted some pics of the mushrooms growing on the house. Mushrooms fascinate me!

nikk said...

Retun to your regularly scheduled life....? Do you even remember what that's like? =)