Monday, February 11, 2008

Experimenting with Coke and Coffee

You know how sometimes a person barely blogs at all for a while and then all of a sudden, they do a little blog explosion all in one day? No. Never happened to me either. *grin*

I experimented with making my own version of Coke Blak (may it rest in peace) today prior to my 3:00 meeting. Let me first make note that coffee should not have the consistency of syrup, but it did. It was made early this morning by someone who likes their coffee very strong. I added a bit of water, Coke and ice. It was good. I am really awake now!

I wrote a cover letter for a summer clerkship this afternoon, hoping the place might accept a part-time clerk rather than the usual full time deal since I have to still work my "real" job that supports my family. I read the letter. I looked at my resume. I read the letter again. I am trying to decide if my package says, "This person is a go-getter with great commitment to the law - hire her immediately," OR "This person is a complete nut-job - just recycle that resume." I was imagining the person reading the letter...."OK, 12 credits of class, 32-hour a week job, OK, good.....wait, she's doing an internship, too? That's crazy! She's clearly mentally imbalanced, or soon will be. Stay away from this person!"

I know. I'm just being silly.....but I am not falling asleep anymore. (I wrote the letter prior to my Coke experiment.) Time to leave for class. No more posts today, my friends.


Lynilu said...

I felt jittery just reading that!!!


Patti said...

I tried Coke Blak - YUCK.

Dakota said...

Ah, c'mon...Coke, coffee...what's not to love? *grin*

newduck said...

Employers LOVE work-aholics. If your resume says "I worked 23.5 hours per day for the last 99 days," you'll probably get the job. They don't think "psycho" they think, "How much work can I get out of this person?"