Monday, February 11, 2008

Escape to - The beach? The mountains?

Ah...middle of winter and the desire for a vacation AWAY FROM HOME is strong. Disneyland is always the top choice, but as that is financially out of our reach at the moment, the beach seems nice. There is a chance of snow between here and there, though, so I've not been able to commit myself to that option. The mountains - a nice cabin with a hot tub and snow to play in would be fun, but then, we'd have the snow thing to contend with, and neither of us is comfortable driving in snowy/icy conditions. Too risky. Clicking around on cabin options, I found some gorgeous ones, Pigeon Forge cabin rentals. I looked closer to find out where they were......Tennessee!? Well, a bit far for us, but maybe not for someone reading this. They are gorgeous cabins, and I found the perfect one with a hot tub right on the deck. How great does that sound??

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