Friday, February 22, 2008

Craving a Vacation!

I don't think a person should have to go to drug rehabilitation just to get a vacation, do you? Seems like it has been way too long since we went anywhere just for fun - maybe a September beach trip? I guess for a nice vacation, people do need to not be required to put new vinyl siding on their house though - what an expensive undertaking! Ah, what's an extra $13K when you are going to be $150K in the hole with student loans, right? UGH.

Anyway, it has been so beautiful out lately, it would be so nice to get away to the beach. (I could say that even if the weather had been crappy - any day at the beach is a good day.) A mountain cabin? A cabana on a tropical island? A hotel anywhere with a nice view, a hot tub, and a separate room for the kids to sleep in? Well, spring break is coming! Maybe we can fit in some "for fun" plans somewhere around the shared birthday party we will likely be going to with Wife's side of the family. It would be something to look forward to!

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Patti said...

We just had a get-away but i'm craving warm weather and beach time!