Monday, February 11, 2008

Dreams of a Home Theatre

While you are wondering about the bomb-resistant watches, you may start wondering if they use such things in the movies......Do stunt doubles use them in movies like Die Hard 85 (or whatever one we are on now....4?)? Maybe you could get a close-up look if you had a giant flat-screen tv,
leather home theater seating and one of the set-ups with the ability to zoom in on whatever area of the screen most interests you. That reminds me that I've not blogged about The L Word yet this seaons, and there really is a lot to say. It has been a wonderful, fun season so far, filled with everything I want from goood TV. Now, if only I had that home theatre to enjoy it in......

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Home Theatre said...

Everyone dreams of having a home theatre but not are blessed to have it since it is pretty expensive. It will cost us from the purchasing of stuff up to installing the system itself.