Thursday, February 14, 2008

Couldn't locate it on a map

Do you ever just hear about someone being someplace you don't expect them to be and wonder why the heck they are there? For instance, today at work we are desperately needing an answer from one of our attorneys and he was located - but in Florida. (That is NOT nearby.) In our part of the country it always seems odd to hear of someone being in Nebraska or Iowa, and you just think "why?" You read about Georgia land for sale and wonder who would buy it. The answer is probably - someone wishing to live in Georgia. Odd that we are so geocentric (is that a word) that it is disruptive to our thought patterns to hear about happenings in states beyond our own border states - or CA or NY. Just an odd thought of my day.


Patti said...

This may sound weird but I think one day I would like to live in two places 1) a nice apartment in a big city and 2) an old house in a small town in the mid-west

Dakota said...

I LOVE that idea! Living in two places would allow you to fulfill the need for big city life, and quiet quaintness. I am not sure what two places I would choose....maybe a very modern big city apartment/condo/LOFT and a nice place in a small beach town - with a hot tub on the deck, of course!