Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, now I have to figure out where to do most of my on-line shopping.  I suspect I will start with  I can take care of a variety of things there -  toys, games, books, kitchen gadgets - just about anything. I like to be able to order enough at once to get free shipping. If I am careful, maybe I can get most of my shopping done there, and only venture beyond for a few things.  I am happy to report nothing heavy is being ordered this year - no weights, no need for a power lift chairor anything else requiring a back-brace to lift and a loan to pay the shipping costs!   I like to have most of the things I am looking for magically appear from UPS, and then be able to just go out to the mall, or wherever, to enjoy the atmosphere and pick up a "want" here and there, rather than desperately rushing through the stores for "must haves."  Too much stress!

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