Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Mystery

Where is everyone?

Maybe it is not so much of a mystery that I am at work today, but a lot of people do not seem to be. It's been dark, rainy and somewhat quiet all week.  Some folks have been out sick.  Now, it is finally Friday, and maybe coming in to work did not seems necessary.  It is lunch....I still need to grab something to eat......but the office is very quiet.  My supervisor brought his big dog to work.  He is a sweetie - the dog, not the supervisor.

There is a long line of closed doors along one hall - proof that few of our administrators chose to come to work today.  Those that are here seems to be not so much working.....I hear a conversation about a dog jumping on the bed.  No other conversations.  No phones ringing. No one walking in the hallway.

Surely, I must have some work to do....but first, where is my yogurt? *grin*

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