Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bring it on!

Has anyone seen any of those cute electric "fireplaces" or "wood stoves"?  I saw one the other day that was under $100 and about the size of a microwave. It was so cute!  I think something a little bigger would be better, but what a nice way to make a home free a bit more cozy for the winter!

I wonder if the top gets warm enough to put a pot of water on to keep the air moist?  Have to watch that with kids around, of course, but moist air is supposed to cut down on colds and other air-borne illnesses. As heaters, these things get really good reviews, plus they look nice.

 Hmmm,....I am thinking about a decorative stove, a tree, Christmas decorations, appears I am embracing the season!

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