Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Food Temptations

The Holiday treats have started appearing at work, and on TV, and in the stores and at the restaurants....Everything looks so good!  I may need to read up on how to suppress appetite during the Holidays!  Last night was a fundraiser for the kids's school at Burgerville, a local fast food restaurant.  Casey reminded me that the pumpkin shakes are amazing, so Vicki and I shared one, and I have to say, it will be difficult not to drop by another time or two while the special flavor is still available. I am not a huge pumpkin fan - not really into pumpkin lattes or ice cream, and I like pie, but it is more about the Cool Whip and crust than the filling. That said, these shakes taste just like you are eating a slice of pumpkin pie. The only thing missing is the crust. I seriously wanted to dip a piece of pie crust into the shake to complete the experience!  If you like pumpkin pie and live near a Burgerville, you really have to try one of their pumpkin shakes. Tis the season!


Lynilu said...

I don't care for pumpkin pie, either, and not even for Cool Whip. blech. Must have whipped cream, real stuff, not out of a can but made from heavy cream with just a little sugar and vanilla. Mmmmm. And I don't waste, er, put it on pumpkin. I'll have a sweet potato pie, please! Does that come in a shake?

Dakota said...

I suspect it could....if I put it in a blender with some ice cream...!