Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Cleaning

I felt productive today.  Over the past few weeks, or so, I have brought a few boxes and bags over from the house to try to make room in the apartment.  Today - I actually unpacked things that had been stacking up, made room, started a Goodwill bag.....and even did a bit of cooking and cleaning.  As the winter sets in, I guess I am feeling like I will be inside more, and need the apartment to feel more like a home.  I did not go so far as to polish the bathroom faucetbut I did vacuum, clean counters, hung some pictures of the kids, and a tapestry Vicki and I bought on our recent trip to the Japanese Gardens.  The place feels good tonight - cleaner, more things on the walls, more like home.

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Lynilu said...

Making it your home, even if temporary, is very important. Glad you did!