Friday, November 19, 2010

Free Weekend!

This weekend, the kids are with Casey, and part of her family is coming down to visit. Kelton and Kaylen are very excited about seeing their cousins.  So, I can be sure the kids will be having a great time while I spend the weekend doing nothing or everything or anything. It is a NO PLANS weekend!

Well, there is one plan - catch up on some sleep.  Some early-morning phone calls and late work nights have meant not a lot of sleep at the apartment this week, so sleep is definitely in order.  Beyond that - the days are an open slate. Exciting!

OK, I do need a haircut.
We may be in for a Harry Potter weekend.....trying to watch all the previous movies (again) before going to see the new one.
Maybe read, surf the net, read ads about lipofusedo some online Christmas shopping, or help Vicki learn to find the good stuff on TV rather than the very strange shows she ends up finding....(that is a post in itself!)...who knows? Right now, it is lunch time, and I can feel the free-time inching my way as I work through this rainy Friday!

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