Friday, November 19, 2010

Shopping has Begun

I made my first online purchase of the season today!  Was that a Silver Bell I just heard?  It feels good to have set the wheels in motion.  Last night, I had Vicki and Kelton spend some time together evaluating Wii games online to figure out which ones he really was interested in, and I think we have those narrowed down.  After her bath, Kaylen was begging me for hints about what I am getting her for that was a perfect time to get more ideas out of her....."Well, what would you like?"

I think my shopping list is starting to crystalize more, and even includes ideas for my Mom for the kids. Believe it or not, that list of ideas includes dress shirts and ties for Kelton, because he really enjoys dressing up for school sometimes.  Maybe over the next week, the after-Thanksgiving ads will provide me with the last few ideas I need before I make the real purchasing decisions!

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