Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

Oh my goodness have we had rain!  Last night, on our way to Powell's Books, we really could have used a boat rather than the car. There were two I was not sure we were going to make it through.  I was happy Vicki was driving. I hate that kind of stuff - snow, ice, standing water....Ugh!  I did not hear how much rain we got yesterday, but heard 10" of new snow in the mountains.  It was nearly clear for a bit this morning, which was nice to get a bit of daylight.  That is over now.  It is dark and rainy again.  

One good thing about the rain is the sound on the roof.  I don't imagine even has anything that could help a person sleep any better than the soothing sound of rain on the roof.  I love falling asleep to that sound.  Judging by the view out of my office window, I will be hearing that sound again tonight!

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