Monday, November 15, 2010

Recovering from the Weekend

No, I was not overindulging in anything but kid-fun and Life!  The weekend got off to a fun start after I picked up the kids on Friday night.  Vicki, kids and I headed over to my sister's house where most of the family gathered to visit with some relatives from Canada that we rarely see.  There were 8 kids under 11....or was it 11 kids under 8?  It was loud and crazy in a small space with about 15 or so adults and the 8 kids....but the really good part is the kids are old enough and get along well-enough to play somewhat unsupervised.  That is, they can play for a bit before an adult needs to make sure they are not inflicting too much damage on the house or each other.  Kelton thought to take along paper and foam stickers for everyone, and that was a good activity for 20-30 minutes. Yeah!  I was able to make my way around and say "hi" to everyone while Vicki and my computer geek nephew talked  managed hosting services, or gigabytes or secured servers or some such techno stuff, and the kids played.  We ate, we drank wine, we visited...and when it was time to get the kids home for bed, they were quite disappointed that it was time to go.

The next day brought the new adventure, for us, of geo-caching.  Since my GPS was stolen, we had to just use maps and clues on a website, but still found 3 of 4 caches, and had to give up due to darkness on the 5th, so it did not count.  :)  The kids swapped treasures in the caches they found - take one out, put one in - and had a good time playing this modern version of treasure-hunting. 

Sunday we filled with breakfast, homework and a day-long trip to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry).  It is like a hands-on science museum.  It was exhausting and fun and maybe even a bit educational.  By the time I returned them to Casey safe and sound last night, they were very tired kids, wired from too much fun and not wanting to go to bed, but tired.  Yes, I stayed until they were asleep.  I don't just wire them up and drop them off.  :)  Good weekend. Now I need a nap!

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Lynilu said...

That sounds like a wonderful, fun weekend!