Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Simple Summer Fun

Today the Wife and Kids came to visit me at work for lunch. We had a nice meal (sub sandwiches!) outside at a picnic table in the shade. Even though the temp. may get darn close to 100 degrees today, at noon, it was just perfect in the shade, and there was even a gentle breeze blowing.

We ate our lunch pretty quickly, and since they'd only been here (here being work, which takes more than 30 minutes to drive from home), I suggested a walk. The first 5-10 minutes consisted of Boy Wonder counting down how much energy he had left because it was being sapped by the direct sun and could only be recharged if he stepped into the shade. It may be that he is playing too many video games! Still, kind of clever.

Along the way we sampled blackberries (except the Princess who loudly reminded me that she does not eat fruits and vegetables), found interesting rocks, leaves, and acorns. My shirt pocket is filled with treasures that Boy Wonder did not want mixed with the Princess's so I am taking them home later. We were all pretty hot by the time we got back, and then there was a meltdown that happened because the Princess did not want to leave me. It was mostly resolved by a promise to play in the pools with her when I got home. At least, I have not heard that it continued all the way home. (We have two different sizes of blow-up kiddie pools that are perfect for splashing around in, but easy enough to empty every night. Great way to water the garden and grass.)

So, looks like when I get home, it will be time to put on my bathing suit before firing up the barbecue! Not a bad way to spend a summer evening!

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