Monday, August 24, 2009

Rockin' the Friend-Weekend Thing

The Get-Away Weekend was wildly successful! An amazing time was had with three friends I've known for a minimum of 28 years. We indulged in lots of laughter, conversation, good food, and tequila.

Friday was relatively mellow - mostly spending our time catching up on the details of current events in each of our lives. Saturday we were graced with an exceptionally beautiful day, which was perfect because we decided we wanted to take an adventure to wherever the next ferry was heading. We spent hours enjoying gorgeous water views, watching crabs walk near the shore, spying starfish, and investigating a myriad of fountains along a harborside park. For lunch we ate amazing seafood and salads, and this was our view:

Hours later, the very sweet boyfriend of of one of my friend's made us a delicious grilled shrimp and veggie kabob salad, and was generally the perfect host. (Rock Star, "Nick" truly does rock, Bon!)

During dinner, the drinking began.

If that sounds like the perfect way to start a novel, it probably is, but not one that will be written here! For the purposes of this posting - let me tell you how we spent the rest of the night - two words: Guitar Hero!

Yes, you read that right. Here we were - 43-53 year old adults, rockin' out on the guitar, drums and vocals - giving our all to "Living on a Prayer," "Beat It," and "Bleeding Love." (That one was some different game that involved dance moves and singing....) It was crazy fun!

The women all agreed that the drums were the best. Something about banging out the beat is very therapeutic. One of us who shall remain nameless, ended up with drumming blisters. So much for drumming all being in the wrists! We sang, we laughed, we drank, we forgot about our adult responsibilities for one night. I think this picture is blurry enough no one is particulary identifiable, but gives a good idea of what our night looked like. Add me in, either at the drums or sharing lead vocals....too funny!

Apparently the drums had not even been used before, since picking up the entire package on sale some time ago, but according to the boyfriend, if they never play again, the purchase price was well worth the fun of that one night alone. I'd have to agree. The drums especially were easy to use, felt really solid, and the interface with the game was easy to understand. Let me say, more than three drums was not a good combo for any of us beginners, but we did pretty well on the "easy" levels. Nice that different skill levels are an option. I can see how a person could get really addicted to playing the same song over and over to improve their score. Doing well and nailing the song is really satisfying.

Thank you, my Rock Star, friends! See you at the reunion tour!

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