Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big Questions

Now that school is over, bar prep is over and the bar itself is over, I've had more time to ponder what's next in life. I'm facing big questions, like:
- "Do I want to practice law or use my JD in a less traditional way?"
- "If I can get a job outside of my prefered practice area, do I take it anyway?"
- "Is it better to stay where I am where I have stability and flexibility and maybe do some pro bono work or an internship to get the experience I need to get the kind of job I want"
- "Paper or plastic?" (Cloth!)
- "does apidexin work?"
- "Why can't I get the smudge off my glasses?"
- "Are plain M&M's really far superior to the peanut ones, as I have always believed?"

As you can see, there is a lot on my mind these days.

1 comment:

Lynilu said...

Oh, wow. I can only help with a couple.

Cloth, of course, ALWAYS!
Plain M&Ms absolutely are superior, hands down.

Good luck with the rest of it. I have no clue.