Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Better Living Through Technology?

I really love pens. I could get lost for hours inside an office supply store, and you can bet a good amount of time would be spent testing out pens. I thought I would look up pens today and see what kind of cool looking pens would pop up. I was expecting something along the lines of a nice weighted pen, gel or roller ball action, maybe something in stainless steel, silver, gold, or even platinum.

The very first result was this:

Yes, apparently it is a spy pen. The product description says it is a fully functional black ball point pen, and then gives details about the video functions:

Digital Pocket Video Recorder
4 GB capacity
USB interface
352 x 288 CFI resolution
AVI video format
Easy to use one touch record button
Operates up to 3 hours with Li-Ion battery
Approximately 6.25-inch length

Now, something tell me this would not be the pen to choose as a favored writing instrument, but what a conversation starter! I saw some video posted showing the quality, and it is actually pretty good. Doubt you'd want this as your primary method of capturing the moments of your life, but just for fun, and as a back up, perfect! Pop it in your car in case you need to film an accident scene, or maybe capture the image of a decorating idea so you can show your spouse later - great idea!

As to its usefulness as a true spy camera to film someone who was unaware....well, seems like a legal and ethical issue that I'll not touch here! I will say it seems like a fun gadget, and is on sale for a great price at Buy.com.

As to a truly nice pen for writing, guess my search continues.

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