Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Passing The Time - YouTube Style

Today I have spent some time emailing old friends- and by old - I mean since high school, actually, I've known one of them since 6th grade. Now, given my newly acquired J.D. status, I know that no one will expect me to do the math involved in figuring out how many years that has been, so let's leave it at "Damn - that's a long time!"

I also surfed a bit, wound up on YouTube, and now, here are my top picks for today. (Links take you to the videos I was watching.)

Ellen - We are All Gay
Straight or gay, you gotta love Ellen.

(Joan Jett - we should all look this good at almost 50! This is a recent photo, not from the movie mentioned below.)

Next up, from the 80's - who all remembers Light of Day with Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox? Most people thought it blew, but something in it really spoke to me. It came out around the same time I did, so it was probably the hot lesbian I was hearing, plus, who doesn't love Michael J. Fox?

Finally, summer brings back fond memories of Boston Legal, which Wife and I watched in marathon mode last summer. This is classic Boston Legal writing. Awesome stuff.

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