Friday, August 28, 2009


A good friend recently reminded me that as we grow and change, the prism of our true self does not change, simply the pieces that people see. Isn't that beautiful?

I look at our children and know that the the core they are now developing will be with them for a lifetime. I can remember significant, and insignificant, things that happened in my life when I was seven. Boy Wonder is already at an age that I can remember and identify as being "me," and as possessing traits that are still self-defining. Strange to think the memories we are now making are likely to be with him for a lifetime. Our Little Princess is not far behind. This was part of the plan of law school - to have graduated before either of them would remember much about when mom was not around.

This week/weekend we are making camping memories. We've spent that last two nights camping in our backyard. We have a HUGE tent, big enough for two queen-size air mattresses, a third mattress with blankets for the dogs, lounge chairs and a spot for the laptop so Wife and I can watch movies after the kids are asleep. We're all enjoying the outdoor time, falling asleep listening to the crickets, snuggling together to stay warm in the middle of the night.

I may have idealized this a tad - quickly trying to block the memories of the neighbor's chipper than he ran for two hours last night, another neighbor's loud argument with his girlfriend, and the truck filled with industrial supplies that seemed to be touring the neighborhood. Once that drama was over though, the crickets were allowed to lead the nighttime symphony, the stars were brilliant against the nighttime sky, and it was good.

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Proto Attorney said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I love "car camping" -- where you're technically camping, but it's still close enough to civilization that there's still a toilet accessible! :) Great memories, indeed!