Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing up with Michael Jackson's Music

I love my MP3 player. I've mentioned this before. It's cute, it's blue, it has a nice menu so I can sort out what I want to listen to. Just this past Friday, with the touch of a few buttons, I had the "first dance" song Wife and I had at our wedding playing to start off our date night. A couple weeks ago, it was lots of upbeat Disney Channel stars to pump me up before the bar. (Judge me if you must, but the high energy teeny bopper stuff beats a lot of the depressing stuff on the top 40 stations for getting into a positive state of mind.)

Today I am looking at The Essential Michael Jackson as a potential new download, or maybe CD purchase. This "greatest hits" type of collection starts out with a very young Michael Jackson doing ABC and I Want You Back, then through the Off the Wall and Thriller Years and into Dirty Diana and Black or White. There are certainly a lot of Michael Jackson collections on sale right now, and given that all of my old stuff was on vinyl, this seems like a good time to enjoy some old memories.

Let's see, the music from Bad, released in 1979, set the stage for many awkward junior high dances. When Thriller was released in 1982 I was still 2 years away from my high school graduation. My friends and I were experiencing the "thrills" of first loves, first heartbreaks, first tastes of alcohol, and the history-making Thriller video in the basement of one of my best friend's houses. By the time Bad was released we were three years into college, and for some of us, the military. Michael's music set the stage
for some of life's most critical stages of "growing up" and it seems fitting to have a really good collection of his music handy in one place that is NOT on a dusty mix-tape lost somewhere in the garage!

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