Friday, August 07, 2009


Have you ever Googled "best ever Margarita"?

I have.

There are are lot of informative sites, blog posts, articles, and comments to same out there.

It seems the consensus is that the quality of the tequila and freshness (and even type) of lime juice is key. Mixed opinions on what one mixes with those - Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Orange Curacao....a few, wait, a TON of variations are listed.

I have good tequilla. Two types, in fact. I have Orange Curacao of an indeterminate brand. I do not have limes. I have limeade. I have RealLime juice. I have ice. I think I have a margarita! (At least I would, if I were at home making it right now.)

By the way, the Cuervo Black pictured above - YUM!

I need more friends that drink.


blur_ said...


I initially thought that the movers wouldn't take any of my liquor, so I started planning all the fun ways I could consume it... but it turns out they will take it, but recommend that we don't move the wine. So instead of margaritas and other fun stuff, I get to have lots of wine this week!

Dakota said...

Cheers! Well, you know, a good wine goes with anything...and after the first couple of glasses, it doesn't even need to be a good wine!