Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kids and Cooking
Wish I had pictures to share, but our sweet 2-year old daughter and I had a great time cooking dinner together last night. I plopped her on the counter and let her start making decisions and we talked about everything we were doing. She understands so much and can already talk so well, it was quite fun. At one point I started to use a bottle of Miracle Whip that hadn't been opened and I said, "Oh, man," somewhat frustrated that I would have to figure out how to get the little plastic seal off the bottle that was not coming off easily. She looked at me very seriously, cocking her head with curiosity, and asked, "Why Oh Man?" It was so cute. I explained and she seemed to understand, and she watched as I finally was able to grasp a small tab of the plastic seal and successfully peel it off of the bottle.

When we were almost done, our 5-year-old son came into the kitchen and made final decisions on what fruit we'd have, he took napkins, milk and pears for each of us to the table. He is getting to be such a good helper! Lately he's been loving to hear about when he was a little baby, and this week, after seeing a picture of this, I told him how we used to cook together. He would sit in his high chair as I'd explain everything I was doing while preparing dinner each night. So, there have been a lot of together cooking times this week. It's been fun, and something we rarely did while I was in school. Summer is good. I know my wife is enjoying the "together cooking time" as it gets the kids off of her for a bit when I first get home. So, it really is good for all of us!

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patti_cake said...

Good for "together cooking time" and you for understanding she needs some "down" time.