Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tired of the Uncertainty
Even though I love planning things, like vacations, and my school schedule for next year, I really love spontaniety. Going with the flow of the moment and not worrying TOO much about the destination is OK with me. Life is about the journey, right?

Sure....but there comes a time when you kind of feel like getting off the rocky ship and wandering on dry land for a while. As many of you know, my current job position has been uncertain for about 2 months now. At least a couple times per week, the powers that be tell us (meaning just one other person on my team and me) that they will know more "tomorrow." Tomorrow has a very different meaning in my life than theirs it would seem. I believe it to be the day after today. Perhaps, on some philosophical level, we never get to tomorrow, because it is always today. Hmmm.....

Anyway, I know it is more about getting what they want put through HR and HR pushing back. I believe they are trying to save my position. I am trying to be patient, and realistically, however long this gets pushed off, the better the chance of my teammate or I finding another job, which would leave the other of us to take over the position that should be posted that they expect us to compete for. I keep telling myself and everyone else that all will work out as it should. I truly do believe that. Due to all of the uncertainty, I've been networking my behind off and have met some incredible people in our community and it is really helping me refine what I want to do with my education and life after law school. I've met with Executive Directors, Administrative Law Judges, General Counsels, and practicing and non-practicing JD's. There are some fantastic, generous people working in the environmental and energy fields in our area, and it is a pleasure getting to know them. All of this is good. Still, I'm ready for the uncertainty to be over and for it to end in good news for me, and preferably for my teammate, too.

I have registered for classes as if I will be able to continue with my daytime flexibility and take a day class each semester. I'm applying for other jobs, but planning my life as if I will still be in my current one. I'm ready to know for sure now, and so the Universe is clear, I want GOOD news! *sending out my positive intentions in my practice of consciously creating the results that I want*

On the family front, Baby Girl has been sick, but seems on the mend. Poor wife not getting much sleep as a result. Boy is wild, but really has his sweet, grown up moments. Wife is earning a bit of money and working out (something I've not quite made the time for, but do hope to work in some walks in the gorgeous weather we are having). Family dinners are beginning to be less chaotic and more enjoyable. We're eating more fruit and veggies and are all enjoying them. Summer is a great time for that, isn't it?

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patti_cake said...

Sending positive job vibes your way also.
We so need to get out and walk and also hit the Farmers Market!