Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Blogging Thing
I have been blogging so frequently lately, and thus increasing my visitors, that it just feels like I should post something before my three-day weekend begins. Aren't blogs fun? And strange? Here we all are - well - many of us anyway - exposing ourselves to strangers, and even worse, to the people we know. Putting out our secret thoughts and fears and daydreams, and confessions that reveal us to all be so HUMAN.

We love it though, don't we? Both reading others' blogs and sharing our own lives with the invisible masses? It connects us in a way that is both oddly intimate and totally impersonal. ANYONE could stumble across our words....we could be confessing something personal about our lives and anyone from our family, to neighbors, to Oprah - and we never know who has read our words.

I wonder how much most of us censor our posts depending on who we KNOW has us bookmarked? Do we want to gripe about our family members if we know they might read what we've written, or do we just write it and figure, they read at their own risk? Do we confess our insecurities if co-workers might be reading? Do we purposefully post messages to communicate with those we don't speak with often? That seems to be one of the key purposes of my wife's blog. We know that many friends regularly check in to see what we are up to and check our our family photos. She does a fabulous job of keeping people up-to-date on what's up with us. However, we don't have nearly as many personal friends as check on her blog daily. Every day new people discover her blog and become loyal readers. It is very cool....and a little odd to think total strangers know more about our lives that some of our local friends and family members that don't read the blog.

Well - keep reading, and I'll keep posting :)
Nothing like making confessions to strangers.


Holly said...

It is an incredible thing, isn't it? We do know so much about your family now! It's so cool!

Dakota said...

Cool - odd - fine line :)
Glad you are enjoying our blogs!

Jojo said...

It is strange. I write and wonder, Did my mom read this? Did one of my employees see this?
Sometimes I get so freaked out I just take it all down.
Do I ever blog something I want a certian person to read, because I don't have the heart to tell them in person? hmmm...why do we love to blog?

patti_cake said...

I agree, I never in a million years thought when I started blogging over a year ago that I would meet so many different people and make friends like I have.
You & Casey are two of my favorite reads. You inspire me because I have one toddler and can't imagine having two kids to take care of and Casey makes it look so easy!

Packof2 said...

I love blogging even though I don't post enough.

I never thought I would still be doing it two yrs later but here we are:)

Blogging is the best! Have you met one of your favorite bloggers yet? That is the BEST!!!