Thursday, June 28, 2007

Obsessive Behavior

You ever get on one of those rolls where you are really obsessed with something? For instance, a few weeks back I was listening to the "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" video of Melissa Etheridge and Sophie B. Hawkins. It is out of my system for the time being and I've not watched it in probably two weeks.

Sometimes it is a particular candy bar - for me it used to be Three Musketeers, but lately it has been Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. OK, I'm not totally obsessing yet, but I could see how it would happen. You eat one, and you really have to eat the second one in the pack and then later in the day you remember how good it was and you pass by the candy at the grocery store and pick another one up....and well, the next thing you know your up to a 4 or 6 cup a day habit and your family wants you to seek addiction treatment. It could happen.

My latest obsession is a surprise for my wife. *grin*

(I know - I have your attention now, don't I, Sweetie?)

I can't say anything about it really, other than that she is going to LOVE it. It's not a trip, or a raise or anything like that, but it is a nice gift. (I am evil mixed with good, yes?)


Casey said...

You suck! You are just doing this to drive me crazy.

And yes, it's working. Damnit. :)

PT-LawMom said...

Ooh, naughty! You're not alone with the weird obsessions. I get on a Dove chocolate kick or a Hershey's PB cup kick. Right now I'm calling everyone a punk (WTH?!?) and I'm a Nonfat Chai Latte addict.