Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Floating through the morning...
You know when your head is all congested, and your mouth is cottony from breathing through it, and you can barely hear anything, and you seem to be floating in this almost alternate universe where you could just sort of space out if only people would stop expecting you to do things? That is where I am today. Actually, I am slightly less congested today than yesterday, so that is progress. This past week/weekend, Baby Girl was fighting a nasty virus that caused blisters in her mouth and throat, they were painful and would pop and taste horrible. It was very sad. She seems mostly better, though still a bit drippy in the nose. We don't know if it is still from the virus, or a cold - perhaps the one I now have, or allergies. We are experiencing a terrible allergy season this year - still into the summer, which is odd. People who do not normally experience allergy symptoms are suffering from itchy eyes, stuffy nose..etc. Baby Girl has been drippy or stuffy for maybe more than a month now.....could be allergies.

See...what kind of paragraph was that? I am clearly rambling. I was thinking I should email some of my law school friends today, but considering my state of mind, they would probably end up incoherent (the emails, not the friends), so that may not be the best idea. Well, if any of you are reading this - HI! Hope your summer is going great!

Wel, I am off to go see if I can make some sense of the piles of work on my desk. Happy Tuesday!

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