Friday, June 22, 2007

So ready for a vacation!
Let me be really clear, I mean a vacation where I am employed and being paid. At this time last year we'd already been to Disneyland and had a beach trip planned. This year, with the job uncertainty and our savings account rapidly dwindling, we're staying put, at least until we know more. I'd be happy to find out I am staying put and being paid full time for the rest of the summer and then can reduce my hours, as needed, when school starts. I'd be OK getting a higher paid full time job, that will allow me some scheduling flexibility. I want good news that gives us some stability and a steady source of income.

Knowing that we went to Disneyland twice last year does help since I know that extravagance was crazy and expensive and worth every penny, and now it is a lean year. I can accept that. I also LOVE to travel. I love being on vacation. I love all things vacation-related. I love spending time with my family on vacation, in fact, I love that time the most of all. So - I really am ready for a beach trip, a camping trip (thought that sounds like way too much work with the little ones, unless it involves a cabin with a bathroom, and then I'm not sure that's considered camping), a road trip, a plane trip - ANYTHING this is for our pleasure.

Until it becomes a reality, I will keep dreaming. Sending out all these positive vibes into the Universe is bound to pay off soon!

Happy Weekend!


Casey said...

If only we could win a lot of money somehow..... :)

Patti_Cake said...

I'll send out the positive vibes for you. I love vacation-related things too *sigh*